Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Try it on Tuesday - Color Club Worth the Risque

It's Tuesday again! Well to be honest in the part of the world I live its halfway through Wednesday.  Technicalities aside, here's my mani of a polish I haven't previously used.

 Color Club Worth the Risque

Ok so I have only had this polish for a week so it's not like it's a long term untried or anything. 
I scored a Color Club Femme Fatale mini pack cheap which included 2 holos, a black and a white. I decided to try the silver holo first. It didn't disappoint! And in the sunshine..... Boy did it sparkle. I'm really looking forward to trying the other holo in this pack revvvoloution which I have wanted for aaages. And from swatching the black and white on a nail wheel, they seem thick enough for some stamping.
Yay finally a mani without a ring figure accent!

And of course what holo post would be complete without the blurry pic to show the rainbow goodness?

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